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"The imagination is not a state:
it is the human existence itself."
- William Blake (English, 1757-1827)
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untitled, 2014
5X7 fiber-base gelatin silver print,
Arista RC VC
Beseler 67C enlarger
35mm Arista Premium 100 
©2012auxiliofaux (originally published)
©2014auxiliofaux (print published)
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We are still not beyond eugenics | The Progressive Pulse

My new piece for NC Policy Watch. 

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Let’s Raise Funds to Empower Youth & Support Bay Area Hip Hop! "If Hip Hop has the ability to corrupt young minds, it has the ability to uplift them!" 
— KRS-one 
Hey comrades I’m raising money for the youth in the program I work for. A little background: 
Boys Hope Girls Hope SF is a community-based program empowering working class youth in the Bay Area. While we work to maintain strong support networks for our youth, we are looking to introduce a variety of learning opportunities this summer.
We are organizing our very first Hip Hop week from June 30th – July 3rd. BHGH SF-BA is partnering with HipHipForChange, a grassroots organization that creates music events which educate people about socio-economic injustices and helps sustain the community and its local artists.
Unfortunately, the mainstream music industry sells sexism, drug abuse, homophobia, materialism, and gang violence as if these issues represent the cornerstones of Hip Hop culture. For us to effectively counter this narrative, we must develop an education that itself reclaims Hip Hop as a voice for the oppressed to tell our own stories and to displace an industry that preys on us.
To help our youth experience the transformative power of Hip Hop, we need:
10 people contributing $25 each. 
20 people contributing $13 each. 
25 people contributing $10 each. 
50 people contributing $5 each.
You can contribute here. Leading the program will be local artist and HH4C founder Khafre Jay (check here for his music). Khafre has been a pillar of the Hip Hop community in San Francisco for a decade working with Frisco’s own B-Pos. Together we hope to empower youth with understanding and tools for greater self-realization.
All of our students come from families living at or below the poverty line, and all are the very first in their families to attend university. We strive to provide non-hierarchical, experience-centered learning where children can self-identify and pursue their educational goals while cultivating positive relationships with their peers and mentors.Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Much love ya’ll. 

Com’on ya’ll, if Reading Rainbow can raise 2 million in a few days we can do 250 in a week! Contribute please!